How to take a screenshot of PC games on Windows 10

To capture specific parts of the screen, use the Windows Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch. Lightshotis free and works on Windows and Mac, but can also be added asChrome, Edge, and Firefoxextensions. Type in run and then click Run at the top of the Start window. Click the Windows logo in the bottom-left corner […]

How to Measure Your Windows and Doors for Replacement

If it’s the first time you’ve uninstalled a program this way, it will warn you with a small pop-up dialog. The app will be uninstalled silently with no further action necessary from you. If you change your mind, you can download and install it again later through the Microsoft Store. There are several reasons you […]

How to convert PDFs into ebooks for your Amazon Kindle ereader

Another way to take screenshots is to use the Windows Snipping Tool. Such a key is usually found on the bottom row of the keyboard. Laptop and condensed keyboards often place the PrintScreen key on another function key. Once you have found the overloaded key, press “Fn” + . This is the logo on the […]

How to Stop Script Errors in Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10

Choose the target device and tick the box of “Check and fix file system error”. Click “Execute” to start fixing the problematic device. Geeks in Phoenix is an IT consulting company specializing in servicing laptop and desktop computers. Here at Geeks in Phoenix, we take pride in providing excellent customer service. We aim to give […]